World Malaria Day celebration in Labé

The youth of Labé is committed to the fight against malaria. (Photo credit: USAID Guinea)
Primary and university students, civil servants, NGOs, local and international development partners participated in the World Malaria Day celebrations in Labé on 25 April 2017. (Photo credit: USAID Guinea)

During the commemoration of World Malaria Day on April 25th in Labe, Barbara Dickerson, Director of USAID Guinea and Sierra Leone participated in a one-kilometer walk to raise public awareness about malaria prevention in an effort to end the disease in Guinea for good.

Malaria control and ultimate elimination require that the targeted population is educated on every step to be taken during the process, so that there is consistency in what is being done, and to avoid reintroduction and resurgence. The community of Labé is out against malaria. (Photo credit: USAID G