How to Apply

In general, a citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter the United States temporarily must first obtain a U.S. nonimmigrant visa, which is placed in the traveler’s passport. We suggest that all applicants submit their applications well in advance of their trip in order to allow enough time for visa processing. If you wish to apply for a visa, you must follow the following steps:

Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States, unless exempt by country-specific agreements (PDF, 57 KB). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person who needs a visa must submit a separate application.

  • Completed Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160

Please note that you must answer EVERY question on the application forms. If the answer to a question is “none,” please write “none”(Do not leave it blank). Incomplete/incorrect forms will be returned and will require you to schedule a new interview appointment.

Important! Many of our visa applicants are completing the DS-160 incorrectly, causing us to postpone their planned visa interview dates.

Please note: Applicants must first complete their applications online. The application form is available here.

Upon completion of the on-line application, known as the form DS-160, the applicant must print their DS-160 confirmation sheet.  Applicants may then make an appointment for an interview by visiting the Department of State’s website here.  A link to make appointments is also available on the Embassy’s online NIV Appointment SystemApplicants must enter their receipt number, found on the form DS-160, in this appointment system to receive an interview date.

Applicants are reminded to make only one appointment. Unconfirmed, incomplete, or fraudulent appointments will be canceled.

When coming to the U.S. Embassy for a non-immigrant visa appointment made online, applicants should print and bring a copy of their DS-160 confirmation sheet, the fee of $160 U.S., a recent photograph of the applicant (if you wear eyeglasses, please take them off for the photograph), and their biometric passport.  Applicants without the required paperwork will not be permitted proceed with their interview.

Supporting Documentation for the nonimmigrant visa applicant’s:

Instructions for B1/B2 (Temporary Visitor) and F1 (Student Visa Applicants)

  • Appointment confirmation letter, printed out after making your appointment online.
  • Completed online DS-160 application.
  • Current biometric passport valid for six months after the appointment date
  • One recent 5cm x 5cm color photograph with a white background; no glasses.
  • Receipt, paid when you arrive at the Embassy.

Additional documents that could be helpful for a B1/B2 interview:

  1. Documentary evidence submitted during the interview should reflect the nonimmigrant visa applicant’s ability to pay for his expenses during the length of item he anticipates staying in the U.S. and/or a notarized affidavit of support specifying the amount and length of time of the financial support the sponsor will provide and the sponsor’s other financial obligations.
  2. Bank statements with average monthly balances over the past six months.
  3. Salary statements for the last three months.
  4. A statement from the sponsor’s employer showing the date sponsor began work, current salary, and whether the position is full-time or temporary. If your sponsor(s) live in the United States, please provide all the above information plus originals or certified copies of W-2 form(s) and a federal income tax return for the most recent calendar year.
  5. In order to establish a family relationship, please bring birth and/or marriage certificates to prove the relationships between family members planning to travel together. Children should appear at visa interviews and may be interviewed separately from their parents.

Note: There is not a specific piece of documentation that any applicant can provide to prove or convince the Consular officer that they have strong enough ties to their country of origin. The Consular officer makes a determination on NIV eligibility based on a combination of the interview questions and documentation that may have been provided by the applicant. Adults must qualify on their individual merits. No friend, relative, or business associate can “guarantee” your return on your behalf. A letter of invitation promising to pay the expenses of your trip does not mean that you will receive a visa.

Note: Applicants for A-3, G-5, NATO-7, H, J, and B-1 personal or domestic servant visas, need to read and understand the contents of the Legal Rights and Protections Pamphlet prior to the interview.

Want to go to the US for medical treatment? The following link will explain what is required:

Other useful visa information:

Please read the following link if you are an APEC member:

Please read our Customer Service Statement at:

The official travel and tourism website of the U.S.:

Temporary workers can look to the following link for petition based employment visas: USCIS Temporary Workers. For temporary workers, applicants must provide only their I-129 receipt numbers from USCIS USCIS forms.

DHS-CBP Form I-94, I-94W Instructions:

Students and exchange visitor? Check out this link:


To schedule an appointment for a non-immigrant visa (NIV) interview, please consult the Embassy’s online NIV Appointment System. Please have your DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form Confirmation Number handy. It is located on your DS-160 confirmation page, in bold print.

Applicants are reminded to make only one appointment. Unconfirmed, incomplete, or fraudulent appointments will be canceled.

Bring the completed DS-160 confirmation sheet, forms listed in Step 2, a 2 x 2 inch color photo not older than 6 months, and a valid passport, to the Consular Office on the day of your interview.

On the day of your interview, please pay the following nonrefundable visa application fees: $ 160 for B-1 (Business) and B-2 (Tourism & Visit) nonimmigrant visas; $ 190 for H, L, O, P, Q, and R visas; and $ 270 for E visas.

The $160 fee may be paid either in U.S. dollars or Guinean francs, at an exchange rate of 9,500 Guinean francs to one U.S. dollar. The consular section reserves the right to change the exchange rate without advance notice. The consular cashier will only accept Guinean franc bills in denominations of 10,000 or 20,000, and all bills, whether U.S. dollars or Guinean francs, must be undamaged and able to pass through a money counting machine. This fee is the only fee required for a non-immigrant visa application. There are no costs for filling out the application form or for making an appointment.

During your visa interview, a consular officer will determine whether you are qualified to receive a visa, and if so, which visa category is appropriate based on your purpose of travel. You will need to establish that you meet the requirements under U.S. law to receive the category of visa for which you are applying.

Ink-free, digital fingerprint scans will be taken as part of your application process. They are usually taken during your interview, but this varies based on location.

If your visa is approved, you may also pay a visa issuance fee, depending on the type of visa issued.  If you are issued a B-2 Tourism & Visit visa, you will need to pay an additional fee of $32.00.

For more information about fees per country and type of visa, please visit

If you are issued the visa, return at the date and time specified by the consular officer and written on your receipt in order to collect your passport and visa.  Usually two business days later.