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United States and Guinea Sign Deal on Health and Economy
April 29, 2020

Press Release

For Immediate Release

April 29, 2020

United States and Guinea Sign Deal on Health and Economy

On April 22, 2020, Dr. Diene KEITA, Minister of Cooperation and African Integration and Mr. Jeff BRYAN, Director of USAID Mission in Guinea signed, on behalf of their respective governments, Amendment No.12 to the Development Objective Grant Agreement (DOAG).

Through this amendment, USAID grants the Government of Guinea:

1- Four million one hundred thousand U.S. dollars for Democratic Governance and Economic Processes Strengthened. The amount will be used to support governance strengthening activities in Guinea to help the country maintain its stability and transition to a democratic state that is conducive to development beneficial to all.

2- Seven million seven hundred ten thousand seven hundred fifteen US dollars, sixty-four cents for increased use of quality healthcare in Guinea through strengthening the health system in order to achieve optimal results by supporting key policies at the national level, improving the delivery and quality of healthcare at the regional and community levels and creating a demand for this care.

The Government of the Republic of Guinea highly appreciates this gesture of solidarity on the part of the United States Government in sectors as important as those of the economy, democratic governance and health.
The Government of Guinea takes this opportunity to renew its deep gratitude toward the Government of the United States.