General Information

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Direction of Judicial and Consular Affairs, Consular Division, Foreign Section, performs all marriages of foreigners in Guinea.  The MFA is located in downtown Conakry, near the port and the Islamic League.

Tel: +224-30-41-33-42/+224-30-43-37-41/+224-30-43-39-13

In order to get married in Guinea, foreigners need to supply the following documents:

  • A written request addressed to the Ministre à la Présidence Chargé des Affaires Etrangères;
  • Two photos of each person (bride and groom);
  • A copy of each person’s birth certificate;
  • Le Certificat Prénuptial:  This certificate is issued by any doctor and states the subject’s physical fitness for marriage.
  • L’ Attestation de celibat:  This is a written statement that the American citizen is free to marry under the laws of the United States of America, which the Guinean government requires is notarized.  To schedule a notarial appointment, please visit our scheduling siteNotarizations cost $50.00 or equivalent in Guinea Francs.  If divorced, please provided your divorce certificate when appearing for your appointment.
  • If the groom is Guinean, the American citizen bride must provide the Attestation de célibat;
  • If the bride is Guinean, her parents must provide an official consent form that has been stamped by the Commisariat de Police;
  • Proof of employment, either in Guinea or abroad;
  • Photocopy of the first four pages of your passport and the page with the Guinean visa.

Please note that these documents are required by the Guinean government, not by the U.S. Embassy in Conakry.  This information is provided as a service to American Citizens who wish to get married in Guinea.  The U.S. Embassy can assist American Citizens who wish to get married in Guinea by providing information and by providing document notarization (there is a $50 fee for notarizations).  However, it is the responsibility of the American citizen to provide the neccessary documents to the appropriate Guinean government office in order to obtain a legal marriage certificate in Guinea.