Prefect of Fria Mrs. Gnalen Condé on courtesy visit to USAID Guinea

Mrs. Gnalen Condé, Prefect of Fria, meeting with USAID Guinea Mission Director, Jeff Bryan (on the right) and Mark Koenig, Head of USAID Guinea Democracy and Governance Officer.

USAID Guinea Mission Director, Mr. Jeff Bryan on Thursday, March 07, 2019, received Mrs. Gnalen Condé, Prefect of Fria in the presence of USAID and U.S. Embassy leadership. During the meeting, Madame Condé discussed leadership development opportunities for women in Guinea.

“It’s not easy to be a decision-maker among men, but women have to dare. It is through perseverance that we will succeed in creating a coalition of women for the participation of women and the coordination of development approaches, “said the Prefect.