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To Achieve Peace, There Must Be Justice For All
June 2, 2020

The U.S. Embassy community joins me in mourning the death of George Floyd. Like countless others, I was shocked by the footage of the abhorrent actions of the Minnesota police officers who arrested George Floyd, and deeply saddened by the subsequent violence that took place throughout the United States. Despite the ongoing unrest, the importance of the values that America stands for and that we work towards in Guinea, in America, and around the world remains undiminished, and indeed these values have become even more paramount.

As a people, we believe the right to peacefully protest is a universal one. We believe that thorough investigations must be conducted when a someone is injured or killed, and that those who violated the victim’s rights must be held accountable in a court of law. Like many countries, we are still working to achieve a society in which there truly is equality and justice for all under the law and in practice. We are proud, however, of the mechanisms we do have that hold accountable those who are responsible for committing crimes and abuses of public trust. The United States government and the American people are committed to seeking accountability for George Floyd’s death through our criminal justice system. All four officers were fired from their jobs, and one is facing murder and manslaughter charges.

It is my hope that in the days, weeks, and years to come, we will all continue to work towards a peaceful and just society, both in my country and around the world. To quote the words of civil rights activist and Congressman John Lewis, “We must do the work that justice and equality calls us to do.”

Ambassador Simon Henshaw

U.S. Embassy Conakry