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Presidential Elections: The U.S. Embassy reaffirms its commitment to Democratic Institutions and Processes
August 17, 2020

The United States remains committed to democratic institutions and processes.  It is ultimately up to the Guinean people to decide the future of their country, which should be done through a consultative, free, fair, and transparent process.  We believe in regular, democratic transitions of power, which yield more accountability, stronger institutions, more constructive citizen participation in the political process, and less corruption.

We encourage Guinea to engage in a free, fair, transparent, and peaceful electoral process.  The rule of law, free and fair elections, and freedom of expression are at the heart of a functioning democracy.  Adherence to these democratic norms allows Guinea’s citizens to engage in political dialogue and support the candidates, parties, or ideas that they choose.

The United States urges all sides to refrain from violence, promote accountability, and engage in dialogue to find a peaceful solution to their political disagreements.  The only path forward is an immediate end to all violence, dialogue by all stakeholders, and consensus on an agreement that resolves fundamental political disputes.

The United States again calls upon the Guinean authorities to complete transparent and credible investigations into all protest-related deaths and to hold those responsible accountable.  Accountability is paramount in establishing reconciliation and halting patterns of violence.

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