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American Center Services

The American Center in Conakry serves as a basic tool to help you find accurate information on whatever you need.

Being part of the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Conakry, the American Center (AC) has two multilingual librarians to assist people with their information needs.

Tip for visitors in the Embassy


Visitors to the Embassy are kindly reminded not to bring large bags, cell phones, cameras, computers, tablets, recording equipment, electronic storage or any other electronic devices, as it is prohibited to bring them onto the compound.  The Embassy’s security entrance cannot store large bags, computers or tablets, so please make other arrangements for storage during your visit.

Some examples of the services it provides are:


  • Customized research upon request for government officials, journalists, researchers, and others with professional or scholarly interest on the United States.
  • Providing a speech or statement by the U.S. President, Secretary of State or other cabinet members. Providing updated news regarding the U.S. position on current hot topics; information on bilateral U.S.-Guinean relations; U.S. legislation and regulations including U.S. trade statistics and economic indicators; recent articles from American newspapers, journals and other periodicals.
  • Providing biographical information about American Government, political, cultural or business leaders; Treaties between Guinea and the United States; Websites on official U.S. government policy.

AC maintains a collection of around 2,500 volumes of reference books on American life, politics, economics, literature, fiction, management, journalism and many other aspects of American society including several works of African-Americans.

AC subscribes to 22 popular magazines titles such as Time, National Geographic, PC world, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Essence etc. The books and magazines are only a small part of the information available in the AC.

AC also has eight Internet workstations where the patrons can access both French and English resources.

These 8 computers also have English language learning software. We also have a record of CDs and tapes of English language with headphones to help members to learn English.

Training and demonstration sessions of resources and services provided by the AC may be arranged for groups upon request.

The American Center (AC), part of the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section, is located in the U.S. Embassy in Koloma, Conakry east of Hamdallaye Circle. See the Public Affairs web site for a list of its programs and services.




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