Educational Advising Center

The U.S. Embassy offers free educational advising at the Thurgood Marshall American Center of the U.S. Embassy and at the American Corner of General Lansana Conte University in Sonfonia-Conakry for students interested in studying in the United States.

The EducationUSA advisor meets with students on a walk-in basis or by appointment for personalized counseling. He also holds weekly group counseling sessions in public and private secondary schools and universities in Conakry and upcountry.

The American Corner located at General Lansana Conte University contains undergraduate and graduate programs reference materials, ETS test preparation materials, and computer stations equipped with internet for research on colleges and universities in the United States.


The iBT TOEFL is an English language test. The test is administered at least once a month at Dixinn Gate on the T2 road in Kipé (Ratoma). The registration fee for the exam is $180, payable by credit card directly to the testing service in the United States. Registration information for the exam can be found at the American Center of the embassy and at the American Corner in Sonfonia.

GRE Exam

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an exam required for entrance into graduate school for advanced degrees in the United States.  It is offered twice a year in Conakry at CELA (Centre d’Etudes de la Langue Anglaise), which is located in the community of Donka in Dixinn. Registration is required approximately one month in advance to secure a seat. The registration fee for the exam is $205, payable by credit card directly to the testing service in the United States. Registration information for the exam can be found at CELA.

Both the TOEFL and the GRE exams can also be taken by computer-based testing on a daily basis in Accra, Ghana..

For more information on the TOEFL, GRE, and other U.S. student exams, please see the Educational Testing Service website:


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Obtaining an education can be quite costly. Tuition and room and board at an undergraduate institution can range from $9,000 to $40,000 per year depending on the school. A graduate education can be even more expensive. There is little financial aid provided to foreign nationals to study in the United States. Most grants, scholarships, and loans from public and private sources are restricted to U.S. citizens. Some schools however are more likely than others to offer financial aid for international undergraduate students. (Source: EDUPASS). Please see the links below for further information on financial aid and scholarship.