American Corner in Sonfonia

The American Corner Sonfonia was established through a partnership between the U.S. Embassy and Général Lansana Conté University in Sonfonia.

This library provides a wide variety of resources to the students of the university, as well as to members of the public. Thanks to the strong collaboration between the Embassy and the university, the community has free access to the internet, to newspapers and magazines, as well as to a range of books in both English and French.

The American Corner Sonfonia also offers diverse cultural programs that serve to raise awareness on issues relating to democracy, human rights, economic development, and information about America.

Basic Program

The American Sonfonia provides the following basic services:

  • A Lending Library
  • A Permanent Reference Collection
  • English Language Programs
  • Academic Research Assistance
  • Cultural Events


The American Corner Sonfonia is located at the Général Lansana Conté University of Sonfonia in the suburbs of Conakry.