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Call for applications: 2020 Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation
October 18, 2019

The U.S. Mission to Guinea is pleased to issue a notice of funding opportunity for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).  AFCP was established to help countries preserve cultural heritage and to demonstrate U.S. respect for other cultures. The Fund is aimed at preserving cultural sites or objects that have a historical or cultural significance. Grants usually range from $10,000 to $200,000.  Appropriate project activities may include: preventive conservation (addressing conditions that damage or threaten the site, stabilization (reducing the physical disturbance [settling, collapse, etc.] of a site), conservation (addressing damage or deterioration to a collection or sites), consolidation (connecting or reconnecting elements of a site), restoration (replacing missing elements to recreate the original appearance of a site, usually appropriate only with fine arts, decorative arts, and historic buildings.  The deadline for submitting applications (in English) to the U.S. Embassy in Conakry is Saturday, November 30, 2019.  All interested applicants must submit proposals via email to conakrypaox@state.gov.  For more information, please visit https://eca.state.gov/cultural-heritage-center/ambassadors-fund-cultural-preservation.