Book Fair in Boke

Nouveau Horizon NH donates books to the library of the Higher Institute of Mining and Geology Boke by Hankins Ambassador (Embassy image)
Presentation of the book “a Prince among Slaves”, published by the US Embassy in Guinea with the assistance of the Guinean publisher L’Harmattan-Guinée (Embassy image)

On invitation of the organizers of the 72h of the book of Conakry, the Ambassador of the United States in Guinea Dennis Hankins visited Boke to participate in festivities celebrating the book and the cultural wealth of Guinea. While in Boke for the second part of the book fair, the Ambassador met with local leaders as well as a group of students at the Higher Institute of Mining and Geology, where he exchanged a few words on the impact of the mining sector in the region. Ambassador Hankins especially encouraged the many young female students, noting that success is best achieved when all sectors of society participate. The visit concluded with the Ambassador’s presentation of the book “Prince among Slaves,” published by the U.S. Embassy in Guinea with the assistance of the publishing house L’Harmattan Guinea.  The book is a fascinating true story of a young Guinean sold into slavery in 1788, and his life in the United States.