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Ambassador Henshaw Urges Dialogue Among Guinea’s Political Stakeholders
October 22, 2019

As Ambassador of the United States, I would like to take this opportunity to urge all Guineans to refrain from violence as this country debates and struggles with shaping its political future. As in any other democracy, the question of how to maintain a passionate, yet civil discourse is at times a daunting one. However, violence by any person or side is not acceptable. As a friend of Guinea, the United States has seen the tremendous progress this country has made since gaining independence over sixty years ago. I stand with all Guineans and friends of Guinea who wish nothing but the best for this beautiful country.

As my counterparts and I said in our statement on October 17, the only path to stability, growth, and democracy is in the spirit of collaboration and consultation by all parties in order to develop a peaceful and prosperous country. I encourage all Guineans to work together in a peaceful manner to create a better future for everyone.