Ambassador Henshaw meets the civil society in Kankan

Ambassador Henshaw with women leaders of Kankan and Dinguiraye (Upper Guinea).
Ambassador Henshaw discussing with civil society youth of upper Guinea region.

Ambassador Simon Henshaw spent Tuesday, July 9 to meet with civil society organizations in the Kankan region. Ambassador Henshaw first engaged with a group of women peace actors called “Women Leaders” from Kankan and Dinguiraye prefectures, and then met with a group of youth called “Young Ambassadors for Peace” also from Kankan and Dinguiraye.

Group photo of Ambassador Henshaw along with Upper Guinea’s women leaders.


All of them benefit from the U.S. government’s technical and financial support through USAID/Guinea and its local partner, Catholic Relief Services (CRS). The following day, Ambassador Henshaw conferred with other members of  Guinean Non-governmental Organizations working in the field of health and benefiting from American assistance in Guinea, including members of the Prefectural Council of Guinean Civil Society Organizations of Kankan (CROSCG) and the Alliance for the Promotion of Governance and Local Initiatives (AGIL).

Group photo of Ambassador Henshaw along with youth leaders of Kankan and Dinguiraye.

On the menu of all these exchanges, we noted the role of the civil society in Guinea, challenges encountered on the ground and the perspectives of these different organizations.