Achievements from the first FETP cohort in Guinea

CDC, through its partners, the African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) and the Research Triangle Institute International (RTI), together with the Ministry of Health (MoH), is implementing the Field Epidemiology training Program (FETP) in Guinea. The program was launched in November 2016. Twenty-five public health leaders from 23 prefectures and two staff from the National Agency of Health Security graduated in May 2017. Achievements of the program include the capacity building of five mentors; the improvement of the timeless of the reports from 63.5% to 98% because of the integration of 168 private health facilities to the surveillance system; the elaboration of a weekly epidemiological bulletin by district; and the investigation of 23 outbreaks including measles, anthrax, Neisseria Meningitis, hemorrhagic fever, and malaria.   The good quality reports from these investigations are being used for public health decision making and have allowed for the identification of different data quality problem and for the creation of a strengthened plan to enhance the surveillance system. More information on the FETP Graduation can be found here: (PDF 355 KB).