2015 Presidential Elections in Guinea (October 13, 2015)

We congratulate the people of Guinea for the calm and dignified manner in which they exercised their democratic right to vote.

Voters came early and waited patiently, often for hours and in extreme heat.  The political parties, civil society and the clergy issued important appeals for the people to remain calm and to respect the right of all Guineans to cast their ballots.

The US Embassy deployed observer teams throughout the country, and remained in close contact with other national and international observers.  Guinean civil society members were widely represented in the voting centers and their reporting via NGO channels constitutes an important perspective on the day’s events.

US Embassy personnel directly observed a number of technical and logistical problems throughout much of the national territory.  Political party observers also reported issues around the country.

We are in the process of compiling this reporting and consulting with our Guinean and international partners.  It is critical in the coming days that the government and the CENI operate in full transparency, and that the findings are discussed within existing structures.

We call upon all Guinean parties to continue to counsel their supporters to remain calm, avoid inflammatory statements, and to prevent any acts of violence.